Helicopter events 2016

In 2016 in the Czech Republic:

International competitions:

June 4 to 5 Championship of Volga District Saratov Russia
11th June Heliraces Chernoie Moscow Russia
June 17 to 19 Helidays Polska (meeting) Hel Poland
July 1 to 2 Helirace of British Helicopter Team Sywell UK
July 15 to 17 51. Russian helicopter Championship Koniakovo Rusko
July 29 to 31 2nd Belarus races Minsk Belarus
August 4 to 7 European Helicopter Cup 2016 Mengen Germany
August 6 to 7 Heliraces on the International tank-biathlon Moscow Russia
August 18 to 21 2nd Czech Helicopter Championship Podhořany Czech rep.
September 2 to 4 Open Championship of Belarus Vitebsk Belarus
3 September Competitoion for the cup Mil Moscow Russia
9 to 11 September Heli Battle Gmunden Austria
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