The most taxing of all the events which calls on all the skills of rotary wing control, airmanship, navigation and communication.

10 minutes before the departure the crew check in at the preparation line in order to be controlled in case of using any forbidden equipment. All kind of GPSes, mobile phones, short waves radios are highly prohibited same as altimeters and autopilots.

All crews are given the envelopes with tasks to accomplish and 5 minutes time for preparation. During that time they are supposed to plot on a map two turning points, which form part of the course, the exact route through each sectors, reckon the time between sections and set the stopwatch. Upon departure, the requirements en route are to identify 10 orange and black ground placed symbols within a search box of dimensions 5-25 Km long x 2-5 Km wide at a nominal height of 250 metres and a further 3 symbols to be overflown at 50 metres sited at turning points.

With a speed not less then 30km/h and high at least 10 meters 1kg rice filled bags need to be dropped on to two 5 metre circles 100 metres apart. To accomplish the event remains only placing a bowl hanged on 7-meter long rope in the 40-centimeter hole of constructed roof.

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