Precision flying

The precision event tests the skill of the pilot to fly a low level course with manoeuvres in all directions. The use of an altimeter is highly forbidden thus if there is any built-in, must be covered and sealed off.

The main idea is based on two chains: the 3-meters-long one is attached to the left skid and the other one meter shorter hangs from under the cabin of a helicopter. The trick is that the longer chain must not loose the contact with the ground while the shorter must not touch it.

The task is about to fly along the 200 meters long and one meter wide rectangular shape track, including two 360° turns at the indicated by the organizer corners and directions.

Another challenging rule says that an aircraft must be faced toward the direction of entering on the track during the whole flight. Accordingly, the first part has to be done forward, the second and the fourth sideways and the third backwards. A pilot follows the hints of a co-pilot who keeps an eye on the track and chains. During the flight to the left however, chains pass under the aircraft thus the vision of them is impeded due to the direction of the flight and the door being closed.

The co-pilot also counts down the time of the rotation, as it can’t take less than 15 second. Otherwise, the penalties are incurred.

(training video)

After succeeding all of the elements at the quadrangle helicopter heads to the finish line through the 70-meters-long corridor still maintaining the same direction.

The event is ended with the helicopter landing on the landing line. The pilot will already have placed a marker tape on the skid of the helicopter prior to the event starting and he will now be measured to see how far he is from the landing line, this measurement is made in centimeters. The time to fly the course is 130 seconds. Pilots by controlling it during being on the route my estimate in the end how long they spend on careful landing. The penalties are accumulated for height and corridor violation, wrong direction or time retention of the turns and inaccuracies on the landing line.

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