The event consists of figures and maneuver’s composed by a pilot and report to the judges to approve on the day before the competition. The performance should not exceed over the restrictions contained at a helicopter producer manual nor endanger the safety of a pilot. Moreover, it should fit it the area of 1000x1000x300 meters and takes no more then 4 minutes.

The best-qualified and experienced judges may exclude some of the figures they find as a danger. The evaluation of the program considers such elements like composition (the level of difficulty and the advantages taken of the possibilities of the aircraft), pilot technic and general impression for the audience.
Because of the level of difficulty and limitations of several aircrafts, freestyle is not compulsory for all the competitors neither included to the general classification.

An actual World Champion is Austrian Siegfrierd Schwarz, the president of Red Bull team, who has presented his skills flying the Bo-105 helicopter.
In Europe there are only two pilots authorized for acrobatics and two Bolkov, especially designed for that helicopters).
It’s also interesting that the cost of a one hour acrobatic flight is estimated for about 50 000 euro.